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Delivery Time: 5-15 Minutes

Price: $ 3.59

LG Factory Unlock Service All Networks

Instant Service

Unlock ALL LG devices locked to any Network worldwide  

Service Database is limited to select year only if u need unlock codes for newer models request in atlerantive LG databse tool

Service will generate 5 set of codes, below is the sample code :   NCK=8930936094047115





Warning: some Phones have only 1 set of code in Factory Database in such case u get only Nck code there are no other codes in database,There will be no refund issue. If u get only one working code 99% chance the code will work 1% subject to phone issues.


LG Factory Code = No Refund, Never, even with Video Proof.

Notice: After you submit and the result is "Not Found", your device is too new because this is already the latest database. You may want to retry in 30 days. Keep in mind that this service have a guarantee 15-30 minutes turnaround (Mon-Sat; 8am-9pm, Sunday order will consider Monday order) but may take up to 90 business minutes. Please do not submit unless your customers willing to wait up to 36 business minutes.

Warning: Not Support Networks: Net10, Sprint, Tracfone, Verizon, or any CDMA or Dual CDMA/GSM carriers. There is NO refund for submit unsupported networks. NOT supported CDMA Phones IMEI starting 99xxxxxxxxxxx and 352452xxxxxxxx make sure not to submit such IMEIs, cause code will come like this SPC=000000 which is CDMA programming code. NO REFUNDS ON SUCH REQUESTS Before request a code for LG. There is no solution to enter the code in U900, U880, U890, U400 and some more, and all LG Android Cell Phone with the new "Device Unlock App". So please check first you can enter a code before to order a code for LG!

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    All unlock codes and unlock confirmations are sent by email to the email address that the customer enters on the order form. Delivery times shown on the website are guidelines on...

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  • Refunds

    Refunds If no unlock code is found for a particular phone, a refund will be processed within 24 hours of us becoming aware that no code is available. All refunds can take around 7 ...

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    As a result of the so many fraudulent orders that we receive each day, it is imperative that we take all necessary measures to minimize payments fraud. Therefore, we reserve the right to refus...

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