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Delivery Time: 5-90 Minutes

Price: $ 24.99

Samsung USA - All Levels Unlock Service

Service Description
Service Open 24/6 Monday to Saturday Only Delivery Time Declare on web is approximate time and can vary. Average Delivery Time 5-90 Minutes During Business Hours subject to delay No cancellation allowed up to 72hours. Unlock ALL Samsung devices locked to USA. NCK and Defreeze codes provided. No refunds for phones that do not prompt for the unlock code.

 *No refund if phone does not prompt and code is provided.
*T-Mobile USA & Metro PCS phones containing the unlocking app are not supported (No Refunds if ordered)
*Tracfone and Net10 not supported

Note: Do not order Unlock Code for your Samsung Cell Phone if your Samsung Cell Phone have "Device Unlock App" installed (even if you find a way to enter code in cell phone). These concern last version of Samsung released after June 2015 and will concern most likely all future Samsung Cell Phone. Code will NEVER work on Cell Phone with "Device Unlock App" and we'll not refund order.

The Samsung T669 & T919 Behold does not accept the defreeze code. DO NOT submit order to this service if the defreeze code is required. 

Unsupported Models:
- IMEIs starting with 9900 and Verizon Devices*
- Samsung Avant SM-G386T from T-Mobile USA
- Cricket
- Sprint
- Tracfone
- Net10
- Straight Talk
- Any Samsung Cell Phone from T-Mobile USA with "Mobile Unlock App" installed and that are not asking for SIM Network Unlock PIN (like some Galaxy Avant, Galaxy 6 Edge, and probably more to come in future...)

Service can down any moment without any notification due to technical problem in Samsung server No cancellation allowed. Customers need work with caution to clients incase service fail to meet delivery timing. No cancellation allowed.
Service will generate all set of codes whatever phone is locked in database


Customer question; we paid for instant service and we get code slow we have refunded client as it did not meet time?
Answer: Sorry you did not read service terms and condition properly no cancellation allowed up to 72hours as its technical issue we are Hardlocked

We apologize it’s a chain process. The supplier of SAMSUNG USA does not provide any kind of refund (Full or Even Partial) for Wrong code (Even with Video Proof). Also if you submit Wrong IMEI or even send a NON SAMSUNG USAIMEI you will receive Junk Code and will pay full price for it.

- No Refund for Wrong Code
- No Verification Request Accepted
- No Cancellation if Delayed until supplier approves cancellation request

The problem with theses phones is that:

1 : operator will change the codes from the defaults and the factory default codes will be wrong.
2 : Blocked Counters
3 : custom Firmware
4 : Replaced Handset or Hardlocked Firmware Changed by operator
5 : Relocked Handset by operator

Normally these problems can be sorted by flashing a generic Firmware in your phone and then unlock with same codes  will work .

Alert: in case unlock codes generated by this Database do not work do not order same order in other SAMSUNG USA database it will get you same codes and no refunds will be issued

with changing of database only increases your chances to find non available codes not helps you find different codes.


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    Refunds If no unlock code is found for a particular phone, a refund will be processed within 24 hours of us becoming aware that no code is available. All refunds can take around 7 ...

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