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NTT & DOCOMO Japan - Sharp Unlock Codes via IMEI CALCULATOR : Wrong IMEI or Model = Wrong Code and no refund (even with video proof) You Need ORIGINAL SIM or TEST SIM to Enter the Code. Supported models: - Old Model: SH-12C/SH-13C/SH-02D/SH-04D/SH-06D/SH-07D/SH-10D - New Model: SH-01E/SH-2E/SH-04E/SH-05E/SH-06E/SH-07E/SH-08E/SH-01F Unlock code are alphanumeric, when enter you must differentiate uppercase and lowercase letters. Sample of Code: 353463050726150 NCK: 920SOIkSLbJNMZFTQ8z31ETV 353467051794307 NCK: gK92l5NsbaKxf23e3eMBFC9B 358674042527606 NCK: tED4LeQwV4gLNJfacJKab5CI How to enter NCK code? 1. Turn ON the phone with original SIM Card 2. Type *#*#4669#*#* 3. Select SIM 4. Enter your NCK code in proper like shown in the software 5. Unit will reboot, then your done... How to Enter Unlock Codes on SHARP phones. 1. Type *#*#4669#*#* 2. Select first menu item 3. Enter unlock code. Phone will be rebooted 4. Insert ORIGINAL or test SIM Card. 5. Phone will be unlocked after this operation
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    All unlock codes and unlock confirmations are sent by email to the email address that the customer enters on the order form. Delivery times shown on the website are guidelines on...

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    Refunds If no unlock code is found for a particular phone, a refund will be processed within 24 hours of us becoming aware that no code is available. All refunds can take around 7 ...

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    As a result of the so many fraudulent orders that we receive each day, it is imperative that we take all necessary measures to minimize payments fraud. Therefore, we reserve the right to refus...

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